There's three of us at Fairmount Bag Company: Katelyn, the knitter; Christopher, the sewing enthusiast; and Beca, the Corgi. 

Although we incorporated in 2014, we've had a passion for designing great bags for much longer (the Rittenhouse has been in development for over two years). Originally conceived as the perfect bag for Katelyn's knitting, we quickly realized that there were no other bags like it on the market, and we knew we had to share it with others.

Our bags are the product of our experience. Every painful strap, every misplaced pocket helped us to realize that we should expect more from the bags we carry with us every day. Our design education, however, does not stop with what we wanted to fix. It also includes features we've created to solve real problems.

We believe that a bag is more than just the sum of its cargo. Rather, it is a tool that should make your life better. It should be beautiful, functional, and dependable. We test our designs at every stage of their life-cycle to make sure that every bag we produce is durable, stylish, and easy to use. If it's not a joy to use, why would you carry it daily?

We're not afraid to rip things out. It's pretty easy to see when something isn't working; the hard part is admitting it. For every feature that is added to our bags, there are dozens that simply didn't make the cut. The end result is a bag that has explored a world of possibilities, and ended up with the best we have to offer.

We love the bags we create, and we know you will, too.